Our Club Vision:

‘Bringing the Community to the Beach’

The natural resource of our community is the beach. We want to encourage the community to enjoy it. We are doing this by making surf club activities and membership appealing to the community, markets by the beach, making club facilities accessible to everyone, providing ‘safe eyes on the beach’ during the summer, being proactive in lobbying for community facilities that make being at our local beach enjoyable.

Our reason for being relates to providing a trained volunteer lifesaving service. We aim to have sufficient numbers of qualified members for our summer commitments that will mean a requirement to participate in 8 summer patrols each. While most patrol members must be able to swim 400m in order to obtain their Bronze Medallion, there is also a role for those with first aid qualifications on our patrol team. Courses to obtain these qualifications begin in mid-November.

Our Club Mission:

To create a safe and healthy beach community by:

  • Having fun together on and off the beach
  • Learning with and from each other
  • Developing lifelong personal and community skills
  • Protecting community and promoting healthy lives

Club Values:

Club Improvement Priorities: